I Found A Website That Offers A Daily Caption Contest That Pays Cash

Daily Caption Contest

This is an announcement to everyone that I found a website that literally PAYS YOU to write funny stuff EVERYDAY. It is basically a caption contest like you would find on lots of other major websites like Tosh.O,, The New Yorker, or CollegeHumor but this one is a little different because users ultimately control the outcome of the site everyday and they pay CASH to the most popular comments of the day. The way that it works is, you get on, check out a few pictures on the site and then, if you think you’re funny, you can comment on the pictures posted that day. You can log in with your facebook, twitter, their native comment system, or just comment as a guest. The comment goes on to the site and other users can vote on your comments if they are funny. Or you can just get all yours friends to vote for you to get more votes. The funniest comments get PAID OUT CASH EVERYDAY. Simple as that, no subscription, no signup, no fees, no bull. This is the first website if its kind that I have ever seen and it doesn’t seem like there have been that many people on it yet, so the opportunity is very high right now to make money because you aren’t competing with as many people. I have already won over $200 cash in the last 5 days. It is ridiculous. By far the easiest way to make money online. How else can you make $20-35 for something that literally takes you 20 seconds or less to do.


Check It Out As Soon As You Can! Thank Me Later.

Just remember if you want to make money. Write something funny.




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